Spring Annual Tune-Up

Get your HVAC unit tuned up!

Having a tune up done will help the unit operate more efficiently and can prevent failures in the middle of peak seasons. A PM service will help your household in many ways as well. It can help you lower utility bills, extend the life of your equipment, and maintain capacity.

Having a PM contract also helps you out as a customer by providing 10% discounts on any needed repairs, and makes you a priority customer.
What Is a Tune Up?

Preventative maintenance is an inspection of indoor and outdoor unit(s) We will:

Clean coils
Check and adjust refrigerant pressures
Check amps on motors and compressors
Clean drain lines

What can you do?

Keep leaves, grass, and other debris away from outside condenser.
Be sure to change/clean condenser filters to help the efficiency of your unit
Keep your thermostat clear of heat. Don’t position lamps, TVs, and other heat producing devices around t-stat. Heat from these devices may cause the t-stat to read a temp higher than the true room temp. This could lead to excessive cooling and wasted energy.